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The desire to innovate is deeply embedded within our culture. 

We empower you to find new ways to do things; so if you can demonstrate that your approach will work, we’ll give you the space and freedom to explore it. In spite of our global reach, we think and act like a small, entrepreneurial business that’s not afraid to do things differently. 

There’s a genuine opportunity to have a blank piece of paper and create what you want to

A hunger for innovation

Across all departments, there’s a genuine hunger to do something new, not for its own sake, but to explore more effective ways of improving business performance. Our people are genuinely open-minded and curious about doing things in a new way.

Freedom to ACT

Our lack of bureaucracy means there are fewer roadblocks. Unlike some giant food companies that are held back by rules and regulations, we make it easy for individuals and teams to implement new ideas and have an impact on the business. 

Dynamic work spaces

Our business has a relaxed, informal atmosphere where things get done through relationships, not processes. Our working environments support and encourage high levels of interaction and collaboration.

Progression in your role

We take a very different approach to career progression, empowering you to develop and shape your own role – so you become an expert. If you’re a self-starter, proactive and happy with ambiguity, you’ll value the freedom to take control of your future.

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