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If you’re comfortable thinking conceptually, looking outside for inspiration and exploring new ways of doing things, a role in International Marketing could prove very rewarding.

Our multi-disciplined team supports Twinings’ local marketing teams, applying our passion for the brand, our creativity and our marketing and NPD capability to develop new marketing tools, excellence in marketing capability and new products to delight consumers all around the world. Success for us is based on collaboration and open, inclusive discussions, not on processes and hierarchies. Ours is a fun and fast-moving environment, one that frees you to look outside and find new ways to have ideas, explore them with many markets around the world and make them happen.

What our people say: It’s about the product, about the brand and passion to go the extra mile, to help each other out

Did you know?

This team combines a wide range of skills including expert master blenders, project managers, marketing and innovation experts and new business development packaging experts

The international NPD Centre of Excellence create approximatley 1,200 new packaging artwork designs a year to support our market teams across the world

The international NPD Centre of Excellence covers over 115 countries