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International Tea Supply

Are you ready for a global challenge?

We’re the experts in buying, blending and manufacturing the extraordinary range of Twinings products enjoyed all around the world.

Our Supply Centres, in collaboration with our central supply team, fulfil all their markets’ needs – from taking an order to producing and shipping the finished goods.

We’re always challenged to do more, find new ways of delivering and exceeding our customers’ expectations. You’ll find Twinings is a great place to work where you are supported in your role and in your development as an individual.

What our people say: You become fixated by the brand. It becomes part of you

Did you know?

Our Tea Buyers in Andover taste the equivalent of around 20 bathtubs of tea a week

We make at least one teabag per person on the planet, every year

Each day we ship 19 million teabags to our customers