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Our Culture

Empowering you

Our workplace culture really is unique. It’s relaxed and less corporate than you might expect; and it feels more like a dynamic entrepreneurial business than a large company.

To bring out the best in our people, we create an environment where you feel free to act. We’re not big on rules and regulations – our culture is about empowering you to have an impact and be the best you can be.

No hierarchies = better decision making

There’s no sense of hierarchy, little in the way of policy and processes and no bureaucracy. We prefer a more informal, open environment; it enables our people to collaborate freely and drive their ideas forward. It means decisions can be made more quickly too.

Bring yourself to work

You won’t find a formal dress code at Twinings (except in certain manufacturing areas) – you really do bring yourself to work. We respect individuality and encourage a relaxed, casual atmosphere; our people feel more comfortable interacting with each other and having the conversations they need to get things done.

An environment to inspire

Why do so many businesses put so little thought into what the workplace looks and feels like? We believe the working environment should inspire – so we involve our people in how it looks and how it’s laid out. It’s about creating friendly, inspiring spaces where people can aim high, find new ways and collaborate.

Trusting you

We respect different ways of working and give you the flexibility to manage your own time. It’s a more grown-up way of working based on trusting you and empowering you to do your job. You’ll find we go further than most – with benefits such as working from home, special leave and a flexible approach to holidays.