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Our flat, lean structure at Twinings doesn’t encourage the traditional linear career progression.

Instead, developing your career is much more about progressing within your role. Unusual maybe, but our people thrive on it; and it’s a big part of what makes ours a unique and rewarding place to work.

Your role is what you make it, you can change it as you see fit to keep your job challenging, exciting and fresh

Progression within your role

We want every individual to grow and flourish, to stretch in the role they choose. As a self-starter, you’ll shape and change your role to ensure it stays fresh, challenging and exciting.

You take ownership

We empower you to take ownership of your own career and decide how it evolves, giving you the support you need through on-the-job experience, coaching from your manager and formal training.

Mastery of your role

Our people become very good at what they do. We give you the freedom and autonomy to transform your role, reinvent yourself and better yourself. By helping you master your role, we help you have an impact.

A meritocratic approach

Our approach enables our people to develop their talents in a fair, flexible way. It’s competitive, but it’s not about stepping on someone else – it’s about being the best you can be.

Professional development

If you want to gain professional qualifications, we’ll support you. This may mean training with external bodies.

International outlook

We run an International Connections Programme and an International Leadership Programme to help broaden the skills of our people and develop top leadership talent across Twinings globally.

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